Wecan easily take back those 2 points on the return game. So I do not know what is the big deal is loosing our first game of the season. The season is not over, not even close to being over. Yeah you can say that Barcelona gave its fans plenty of fill in boosting their self esteem and their ego so to say because to me, Barcelona beat us and we are 2 points behind. That is it. Iamnot interested in whether we got killed or battered because that does not count. This is not BPL were goal difference is going to make a hell a lot of difference in the overall standings.

  • Despite the fact that Mourinho got banned for one match. Xabi Alonso and some other players got fined and again, we lost to Barcelona, Real Madrid still topped the group table in the Champions League and have lost just one game in the league. We can easily make up for all the so called damage done to our hard earned places in the respective competitions in as less as 2 or 3 weeks.
  • So my advice to Real Madrid fans would be to look at the situation in terms of the effective results. Not the things that are only there as to show off or a supplement for bragging rights.