Santiago Bernabeu, real madrids home

There is a big chunk of season left

Real Madrid lost 0-5 to Barcelona at the Camp Nou. To many people Barcelona humiliated Real Madrid. Mauled Real Madrid. Destroyed Real Madrid. Not to me and not to Jose Mourinho. As from his interview after the game, he also said that Real Madrid lost but not humiliated.

Real Madrid were at their worst when they faced Barcelona, who were at the absolute best. Add to that , poor performances individually by the likes of Ronaldo, Pepe and Sergio Ramos and there you have it, a 5-0 scoreline that no team deserves.

Anyway, much has been made about what happened a on monday. People have formed opinions and lots of opinions. From theleaguebeing over to the utter destruction of the image of the club due to the mauling handed by Barcelona and the misconduct of Jose Mourinho in the game against Ajax in UEFA Champions League. But here are 2 reasons why any of that is of little importance.

  1. Despite the fact that we lost 5-0, had we even lost 10-0, Barcelona is and would have remained just 2 points ahead of us.