Messi after scoring a goal

Guardiola used Messi very very cleverly

Let me just start of by saying that Barcelona put up a great performance against Real Madrid and the score line does say that they murdered Real Madrid that night. Barcelona showcased some magic touch football and the performance was so good, it will serve as one for the ages. Defeating Jose Mourinho’s side so easily is no easy feet but I feel that this time was an exception. Barcelona played well but the mistakes in Real Madrid made Barcelona look heavenly.

So dwell not Real Madrid fans. I truly believe that Real Madrid are not as far away from Barcelona as the scoreline suggests and as in the past years, Barcelona has again just edged us. They do not make any stupid mistakes and keep working hard to get the ball back and that is where they really really beat us. Without taking any credit away from Barcelona who thrashed Real Madrid in many people’s eyes, I think the teams are much closer to each other than the scoreline suggested because of the following reasons:

  1. Real Madrid played are 3 teams. One attacked, one defended while the mid 3 took a nap. Barcelona played like a team. All attacked and all defended in their respective positions.
  2. Almost all of the goals had Real Madrid defenders making horrendous mistakes which should not be expected of a professional football player let alone from world class football players which Real Madrid players are. Lets just analyse the goals one by one and I am sure that most people would see that Real Madrid are not as bad a team as the scoreline may suggest to a lot of people. Well it should, but still, it is not as the scoreline may say it is.
  • 1st goal was a bit lucky for Barcelona. The pass was great from Iniesta but the slipperiness of the pitch lay waste to the magnificent interception made by Marcelo but the ball just bobbled up into Xavi whos first touch was also pretty lucky. The finish was great though.
  • 2nd goal, it was a great offensive move by Barcelona, moving the ball from one side to the other but unfortunately, if the quality of footballmadeyou win matches than Arsenal would have been the English version of Barcelona right now.

In the 2nd goal, Casillas should had stopped the ball or even if he wanted to parry it away, he should have done that by hitting the ball opposite to the goal not make it run along the face of the goal only to be eaten up by a Barcelona player.

  • 3rd goal. Central defenders were caught ball watching. Though Messi played a wondrous pass to Villa but Jose Mourinho’s sides usually do not even give an inch to the opponents outside the penalty area. Questions should be raised on Casillas as well.

He did not rush Villa even though the angle was quite tight. One or two more steps in the direction of Villa and the angle would have been cut off. Anyway, again, it was Real Madrid’s mistake so we cannot really blame anyone but ourselves.

  • 4rth goal. Real Madrid had great difficulty in covering Messi as Messi was being used as a hybrid playmaker mix attacker along with Xavi and Iniesta.

Real Madrid did not know what to do with these 3 and hence were under constant pressurefromthestartbutthat,asI