trickery. Spain’s defense is basically a mixture of Barcelona’s defense and Real Madrid’s defense in terms of the personnel playing there.

Barcelona obviously will try to play their game and if they cannot play their game against Real Madrid, they will try for the heading game which they always employ against Real Madrid and only Real Madrid. Obviously due to the fact that Real Madrid’s defense against air balls have always beenweakbut I have not seen big loopholes in Real Madrid’s defense this season.

Under Mourinho, I feel pretty confident that Real Madrid is going to put up a good professional performance on Monday. Whether we win or not, I know for sure that we would not get any hammerings this time around from Barcelona and with that, I also think that Real Madrid would also not be handing Barcelona a hammering. I think Mourinho is going to play a pretty cautious game this time around and may be stab Barcelona in the back when they visit Bernebeu.

What do you guys think? I am all ears now. Real Madrid or Barcelona? well obviously most of you would go with Real Madrid but we all know what that small guy named Messi can do a hell a lot in order to stop Real Madrid from winning. With Mourinho in charge, I am going out for a 0-0 draw given that Mourinho usually does not give a damn to the fans or the beautiful game when it comes to big games.