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A real title decider for Real Madrid and Barcelona I think. I am going to make this post short and sweet. For me, whoever wins this match is going to have a big advantage when it comes to winning the league as well. Real Madrid are playing away from home so that automatically gives Barcelona the advantage.

The result of this match I think depends on two players. Ronaldo and Messi. I do think that if Benzema plays, he can make some difference but apparently Jose Mourinho still does not trust the lad. May be due to his work ethic which I admit is a bit questionable.

Real Madrid’s only chance of finally getting a win over Barcelona will come down to two things. Stopping Messi from making those diagonal runs from the midfield into the penalty area and closing down Xavi and Iniesta as quickly as possibleandnot allowing them to settle them on the ball. For once, just to be different, I would have loved to see Diarra and Lassana Diarra pair up in the midfield for this match. But that cannot happen as both are out of form and out of match practice plus Xabi and Khedira are playing unusually well.

Ronaldo will be the center of attention again. He has to prove that he can perform against a team as good as Barcelona. Well, we know he can as he dismantled Spain’s defenseaweekagowithhisspeedand