way with which Real Madrid operated. I would call it creativity rather than anything else. Though I am not supporting this unsportsmanlike like behavior but what I am definitely saying is that why has everyone only noticed this when Real Madrid have done it. Why don’t they raise it up when other teams do it in the league or the Champions League other rounds.

Sergio Ramos, a real madrid right back trying to through the ball

Should they be banned?

Asforpunishment goes. I would prefer no punishment as this is something that does happen in football and it is only a shame and some credit to the authorities stupidity that they have only noticed this when Real Madrid made it so obvious. I think Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos should not punished if we assume that Real Madrid do deserve some kind of punishment. I think all the Real Madrid players were just carrying orders and they were obliged to obey Mourinho or spend the next 4 months on the bench and then get shipped out of Real Madrid in the summer.

All these people are professionals too so they have to protect and advance their positions in their jobs and for that they have to obey the boss. It is Jose Mourinho who issued the order in the first place who should be punished if there is a need for it. I don’t think anyone deserves to be punished but if it finally does come down to this then I think only Mourinho and some of his staff should be punished. Not Casillas, or Dudek or Ramos or Alonso.