Xabi Alonso playing for Real Madrid at the Bernabeu

Did he really do something wrong?

I know there has been a lot of talk about whether what Real Madrid did in the game against Ajax a few days ago should be punished or not. I will tell you my take on this a little later but let just analyze what they actually did and what they didn’t. To start off, they did not cheat. Sergio Ramos and Xabi alonso along with Jose Mourinho just took advantage of a loophole in the system. May be it is cheating but relatively speaking it is not or at least it is not from the looks of other matches that we see where this is happening all the time but obviously, not in that obvious manner.

Yeah. It is happening all the time. We see it all the time especially in the Champions League and in the minor domestic league cups. Players get themselves booked intentionally to stay out of playing a low rank match like a league cup match against Ipswich Town or something. On the other side, players dogetthemselves booked in order to have a clean record going into the next round of an important tournament like UEFA Champions League.

We see players making mindless tackles or talking too much to the other players and disrespecting the referee to get themselves booked and get the job done so why is it that everybody is making a huge news out of what Real Madrid did the other day. I do not get this.

The only difference between what Jose Mourinho did the other day or had his players do the other day andwhathappensregularlyinfootballisthe