Well,contrary to what most people would be feeling right now, I think this is not such a bad thing and that does not mean that it is a good thing. What I mean is that, it matters little if Mourinho is with the Real Madrid team on the pitch when the match is taking place. Yes I know some coaching and managing does take place on the field as well during the match but most of the work is done behindthescenes on the training field.

Real Madrid would have already equipped themselves sufficiently before taking the pitch against Athletic next weekend so I think, it is not as bad as most people have made themselves to believe it is. Yeah, you could make the argument that we would miss Mourinho’s theatrics and I do mean it when I say this. I always look forward to looking at Mourinho’s expressions on the sidelines and all his tantrums whether at the officials or at the players.

He adds great value to an already great game that is football. Combine his charisma with Real Madrid’s star power, I think you have the perfect combination of a truly global brand which can and does, attract fans from all over the world.

Looking forward to seeing Jose Mourinho back on the pitch (hopefully with Real Madrid lolz).

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