Real Madrid coach Real Madrid giving some orders

Jose Mourinho finally gets caught

It was pretty inevitable I guess. Mourinho has never been the sort of person who keeps his emotions to himself. He is pretty straight forward about the type of person he is and about the ideas that he carries which in itself is a good thing but not when you express the ideas the way Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho does.

Apparently he got the ban because of his less than respectful attitude towards the referee in a Copa Del Ray match which Real Madrid won 5-1 just the other day, I think it was against Real Murcia and finally Real Madrid have progressed in the Spanish Cup. For the last 6 years Real Madrid have been constantly putting on disappointing performances in the Champions League andtheCopa Del Ray tournaments.

The Spanish Football Authority also stated that the kind of vocabulary Jose Mourinho used to address the referee was less than ideal and they deemed it punishable to set an example.

Anyway, Mourinho has been handed a two match ban which means that he will not be with the Real Madrid team for the next game against Athletic Bilbao and I think the next game to that is against