OnethingIdo not understand is that, why is Mourinho not using Lassana Diarra as a right back just as he did at Chelsea when they were both together there. I mean, Pepe is not as good as a central defender as Sergio Ramos is. Why not move Ramos in the middle and Lass at right back.

Lass is a fantastic right back but has not been able to show it because of two reasons. One is that he has not played there for a season or two andsecond,is that he himself does not like to play in that position. I think he would be prepared to play as a right back only in an emergency situation otherwise I think central midfield is his home.

I think Marcelo should be kicked out for the big games as we would need stronger defense against teams like Manchester United or Barcelona so may be there is place for Lassana Diarra at Real Madrid.

The worst thing Real Madrid can do right now (or in January) is to sell Lassana Diarra. I think there was no need for Khedira. I think Mohammadou Diarra and Gago were capable back ups, though in any other team in the world they would be regular starters but this is Real Madrid for you.

Hope they do not sell another fantastic player, probably the best in the world at his position, I think Essien might have to say something about that but I don’t see anyone else challenging Diarra.