A group of Real Madrid players running

If there is one player I would not like to see leave Real Madrid then after Cristiano Ronaldo that is Lassana Diarra.

How is he being even considered to be sold is out of my comprehension abilities. I mean, the guy has virtually performed in every match he has played. He is a fantastic defensive midfielder but again there is the problem of over staffing on part of Real Madrid.

We have too many players for that position. Gago, Khedira, Alonso, Grenaro and Diarra along with Lassana Diarra are all players that play in the position. Obviously only two of them can play in any given match and that is where the problem lies.

At least 2 of them have to leave. All are world class players and are worthy of playing for Real Madrid and this is where I think Real Madrid should be more considerate when they go on a rampage of signing the world’s best players.

We get too many playersandend up selling them for nothing after a year or so. I would not sell Lassana Diarra for any price. I think he is that good of a player. His work ethic, stamina, tackling ability is unmatched even at Real Madrid.

Alonso has the better touch on the ball and his passing ability is cut above the rest but he does not have the stamina neither the positional sense to be nearly as effective as Lassana Diarra is when he plays in the center of