luck or something. I know Real Madrid have also been eclipsed by Barcelona in recent years but their dominance has not been to the level of Inter Milan in La Liga.

We have beaten Barcelona couple of times and the matches we have lost were all close ones except for the 2-6 defeat at home of which we all know that at least 4 were not legal goals or were caused by horrendous mistakes on part of Real Madrid.

I think the main player forRealMadrid would be Oezil. Yeah Oezil not Ronaldo, he will be marked far too tightly. For Higuain or Benzema to be effective, Oezil will have to put in some good passes consistently enough.

For AC Milan, I think Pato and Ibrahimovic would be crucial. Zlatan has a knack of scoring important goals in big matches by pure luck on most occasions. He is far too flamboyant to be an effective player consistently. Most of the time he is complaining to the referee about how he was not allowed to win the air ball despite his huge size or complaining to the teammates for not passing him along his right foot instead of the left.

Robinho, if he plays, will certainly cause havoc in the Real Madrid defense though I am 90 percent sure that we will not start, probably won’t even come on as a sub.

Anyway, lets hope Real Madrid can make a statement through this match to the rest of Europe that this year is going to be Real Madrid’s year.