AC Milan player Ronaldinho having a drink after a game

Can Ronaldinho refresh Real Madrid about his talent? (Source: From Flickr)

Big match coming up in the UEFA Champions League for Real Madrid. Big match not in the traditional sense but in the sense that a win at San Siro would really boost Real Madrid’s chances of going into the knockout stages with big confidence.

Real Madrid will surely get through to the knockout stages after group stages I think. I think we need a point or two to make sure that we progress to the next round. That is something Real Madrid has done for ages, but it is the knockout stages where Real Madrid have been struggling for the past 6 years now.

We have not gone past the knockout stages into the 2nd round for that many years now, this is really unacceptable for a club as big as Real Madrid and I think it is one of the main reasons Jose Mourinho has been broughtin andgiven immense amount of money to buy any player that he thinks Real Madrid would need to make sure that it goes through to the next round.

Therefore, just to get our form going I think it is vital that we at least put up a good fight against AC Milan. I know AC Milan is not the AC Milan of the old and quite frankly, it should not be considered amongst the elite clubs in Europe now.

I think Inter Milan have been winning a bit too much in Serie A to giveACMilananycreditofhavingbad