atleast primed by the media) to leave Real Madrid. Both are said to be interested in working in Italy.

Kaka is wanted by his former employers AC Milan, who keep on taking U turns with regards to signing Kaka and Benzema is the target of Inter Milan apparently. Do not know why they want Karim Benzema when they have much more consistent and experienced strikers in Eto’o and Milito.

I don’t know why Mourinho does not trust Benzema. I think Benzema has enough about him to be a starter at Real Madrid but then again, maybe the performances of Oezil and Higuain is keeping him out but as well all know, Higuain is a big game flop so Mourinho might gamble with Benzemaina derby or two of which I think Benzema should take full advantage of.

It is true that Benzema has not been able to live up to his hype that was created before arriving at Real Madrid but it is also fair to point out that he has been given a little less than ideal environment in which to shine and really polish his game. His opportunities have been limited and that is a major reason for his lack of consistency.

Still, Benzema is young. I would not let him go though I think there is nothing that cannot happen at Real Madrid. If Robinho can leave in the way he left, then anything can happen. Robinho may not have been a Ballon DOR candidate at Real Madrid or at any other club but he was quite a handful.

Benzema is following down a similar path I think, but I hope Real Madrid do not loose their trust in him. He has had a torrid season so far, scoring only once in 10 appearances but I think none of those games had Benzema playing as a starter. He always came form the bench except for the match in Copel Del Ray.

I hope Mourinho thinks about his decisions a little more when it comes to excluding Benzema, Kaka and Pedro from the squads on a regular basis. I think he should give the trio more opportunities to prove themselves.

What do you think? Should Benzema be sold, is Kaka now needed at Real Madrid when Oezil is performing this good in his first season? I am all ears. Talk to me.