Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho issuing orders


As if there was any doubt about Mourinho’s intentions while he is at Real Madrid. In a interview with none other than Jose Mourinho said that he does not think that coaches can last long in Spain due to the philosophy of football here in Spain.

Which he also says is different from what it is in England. Apparently, in Spain the demand is always for a win whereas in England, there are coaches who have not won anything for years but are still coaching the same team.

That does not make much sense to be honest. What kind of a club would want a coach who does not win the club any silverware after having the club spend hundreds of millions in bringing new players and new staff into the club.

Mourinho, thinks that his stay will depend on the amount of success he gets at Real Madrid and I do not know, which way he meant it. Does he mean that he will get sacked automatically if he does not win anything or (and more likely) does he mean that he will leave the club once his trophy cabinet is complete in Spain.

As he left Chelsea in the same fashion, Inter Milan and Porto, one should not dismiss this possibility as well and if you refer to any of my older posts about Mourinho’s arrival at Real Madrid, this is the point I come to many times that I don’tthinkwe should trust a coach with so much budget who is not intent on staying for long.

This is Mourinho’s philosophy sadly. He is a mercenary. He comes, asks for cash and players, does the work and leaves. This is a fact he tacitly admitted to in his first interview with Real Madrid in which he said that he can build foundations in a club which can function on its own.

Anyway, if he gets Real Madrid some Champions League trophies with a league title or two, then I am fine with him leaving afterwards.

Real Madrid player trying to dribble past a defender

Under pressure is young Benzema (Source: From Flickr)

Talking about leaving the club. Karim BenzemaandKakaaretwoplayersprimed(or