Real Madrid player pedro leon trying to dribble past a defender

Pedro leon was never a world class player so why is Mourinho complaining now

Pedro Leon was just signed this summer from Getafe for a free believed to be in the region between 15-25 million euros. For that amount of money, one should not expect to buy a world class player let alone a world class winger which is such an important position on the field.

Though I would agree that Ozil is fast becoming a world class player and he cost Real Madrid around 10-15 million euros but it was the nature of his contract that allowed him to leave Werder Bremen for Real Madrid for such a low price.

Otherwise, there would have been another transfer saga and we would have ended up with a 50 million euro star signing Ozil. That did not happen and lets just thank God that it did not.

Mourinho is known to be very precise and quick in his decisionmakingand it seems now that Pedro leon is no longer a part of his plans at Real Madrid, atleast for this season and at least if the other 23 squad players are fit and willing to play.

Mourinho left Pedro Leon out of the Champions League clash against Auxurre which Real Madrid won but barely. Now it has surfaced that Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho left Pedro leon out for a reason other than tactical ones.

It has emerged that Pedro leon, in some matchthereportssay,disobeyedthetacticalorders