Real Madrid will not make any more signings according to many sources though the media is still using Real Madrid’s name to get some more people buy their news.

Still, some 5 to 6 players are being linked to Real Madrid. Among them as Pastore (the young midfielder) and after Drogba, Adebayor, Ashley Cole it is now Gael Clichy of Arsenal who is being linked with Real Madrid.

Oh yeah, and by the way, the Maicon deal is still possible. Yeah right? What do these media people think we are?

I know we buy their news no matter how full of crap it is filled with but this is getting really boring. And I have not even begun to mention the names that are being linked AWAY from Real Madrid.

Players such as Sergio Ramos, Benzema and Van Der Vaart are being linked away from Real Madrid to Chelsea, MilanandManchester United respectively. These are our key players and two are really young but reports say that Benzema has not impressed Jose Mourinho.

I think the only problem with Benzema that Mourinho could have is his attitude and work ethic. Technically I think, there is striker in the world better than Benzema but his mind is not where it needs to be if Benzema wants to keep playing for top clubs.