or 5 million euros for the 21 year old’s services which was again considered by Werder Bremen as an insult.

Real Madrid then upped the offer and have now offered 14 million euros which I think is a bit too much for a young lad with 11 or 10 months left on his contract.

Plus, we have so many midfielder already. Surely we do not need anymore of the mid-fielders.We needa right back or preferably a left back and if the budget allows, a striker. Nothing more, the squad is almost complete.

Though it may not remain complete for long as Real Madrid hear another injury from yet another player. Now it was Garay who has injured himself, I think during training or during the Bayern Munich match.

He is expected to be out for at least 2 months if not 4 months. I hope we do not run out of central defenders like Arsenal in the BPL.

Lets see what happens in the coming days. Will Real Madrid buy someone they actually need or will there be yet another panic buy like Carvalho. What do you think?

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