Real Madrid new signing, Carvalho, practicing on the field

Football hit by Carvalho - Source: Jaymeydad from flickr

Real Madrid have sign the Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho. He is a solid defender but is he really needed at Real Madrid or even if Real Madrid do need a central defender, is he the answer to real madrid’s problems?

There reasons why he is not the answer to Real Madrid’s lack of defensive qualities:

  • He is old. Fact is fact, he is 32 years old. Has only signed a 2 year contract with the option of a signing on for another year. He was one of the world’s best at his peak but not now. Mourinho had him in his squad at Chelsea and also (before that) at Porto. Does this look like an emotional buy to you guys? I don’t know but he certainly isnot whatyou can call, a great potential.
  • His signing probably means that Real Madrid would not be buying Maicon or Thiago Silva. Which were both two world class defenders. Though they were more expensive than Carvalho but both are younger than him and are at their peaks. It is another fact that their clubs would not sell them at a cheaper price and the fact that I would have loved to see Maicon