Source: Jan Solo from flickr

Since the day Karim Benzema arrived at Real Madrid, people have been expecting big things from the 22 year old and so far, he has disappointed everyone at Real Madrid. Though it has to be said that his chances of proving himself to the Bernabeu faithful were hampered by the scintillating form of Gonzalo Higuain.

When Benzema arrived, everyone thought that it would be Higuain playing as a backup to Benzema and as the season unfold, Real Madrid found out that it was in fact the other way around.

Benzema could not settle into the Spanish capital and spent most of the season either injured or on the bench. This also resulted in Benzema loosing his spot in the french national team.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. Benzema said he has settled into Spain and was comfortable with the language but it was widely speculated that Real Madrid wanted to sell him to Manchester United.

Mourinho then afterwards stated that he think Benzema along with Ronaldo and Higuain, is Real Madrid’s attacking future. With Raul and Guti out of the picture now, Mourinho said it was time these three took up the responsibility of carrying Real Madrid’s goal scoring tradition to new heights.

I was glad to hear that Mourinhowas countingon Benzema but come friday, the reports had it that now Mourinho wants to use Benzema as a bait to sign Ashley Cole (left back) from Chelsea.

Chelsea wanted to sign Fernando Torres but Torres pledged his future to Liverpool just last week. Mourinho feels that Chelsea could be tempted with an offer that would include Benzema as a part of the deal. Benzema is young and is full of potential while cole is now 29 I think but while he may be 7 years Benzema’s senior, he is widely accepted as the best left back in the world or at least in Europe since Roberto Carlos has moved to Corinthians.

I find it strange. One week we hear Mourinho wanting Benzema totryshowcasehistalentsunderhisguidance