Ronaldo do play at the wings, not as a striker upfront.

He feels Ronaldo can offer so much more on the wings or by playing a little bit closer to the defense than he was forced to play last season. With Ronaldo as the winger, this surely means that Angel Di Maria and Pedro Leon would largely be playing as back up wingers for the next season. May be even for the 2011-2012 season as well.

Mourinho also wants a defender. Which means that he will only sign one. This means, Real Madrid is either going to sign Maicon (highly probable) or Ashley Cole. I feel we needAshleyCole a bit more as our left backs are not, what you call quality.

We have “ok” players in that position. The likes of Arbeloa and Marcelo can play there, but we need quality. Though it has to be said that our center of defense will be weaker if we only sign Ashley Cole as that would mean that Ramos would still play on the right, not in the center.

Mourinho has also been impressed the work ethic of Ronaldo. He feels that Manchester United have done a lot of work on him which has enabled Ronaldo to become the player he is today. Mourinho feels that the work that Ronaldo puts in, his training makes it easier for Mourinho to motivate other players to give that extra 10 percent.

I think Ronaldo has to work that hard. Because his game is 80-90 percent speed. He needs to maintain his weight and his fitness to keep up that pace. He is not like Messi or the old Ronaldo, they could rely on their touch on the ball and other tricks to go past defenders or to be useful to the team.

Ronaldo is a lot speed dependent in that respect. I’ll just end the post with the question “Should kaka be sold this summer?”. Something I am curious to write something about in the coming days.