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Jose Mourinho is now in his full stride as now for the first time (since becoming the new Real Madrid coach) he has the full squad for his training sessions. Hopefully, this will give him a lot more insights about a lot of players he has not been able to train till now.

I think we will have to accept the fact that Real Madrid are going to sell one of Lassana Diarra, Mohammadou Diarra and Fernando Gago. Given Diarra’s age, I think being the oldest of the 3, he will have to leave though I would have loved for him to stay at Real Madrid.

We need experienced players for the Champions League. Physical players who can rattle the midfield with their strength and tackling ability. Diarra is world class when it comes to breaking counter attacks or slowing them down. He is such a natural reader of the game. Can anticipate moves with great precision.

However, there is no way Mourinho can all of the defensive midfield guys in one squad so let us just wait and see, what Mourinho does in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, he has said that he wants one more defender and a striker as a backupto Higuain and Benzema.

The good news that I can read in those lines is that, is Mourinho actually counting on Benzema? that is great because I don’t Real Madrid to sell Benzema to Manchester United. That would be horrible to say the least. Benzema is an investment that Real Madrid made last season and there is no doubt that he will give Real Madrid a lot of things to cheer for in the near future.

Anyway, as I was saying. Mourinho wants another striker as he feels he does not want to get short on strikers if injuries do take their toll on Real Madrid next season. Another good thing fromthisstatementisthathewantsCristiano