doesnot mean that Real Madrid were being rude. Maicon’s agent then accused Real Madrid of not making sacrifices. Another crap.

I don’t know why modern day football players are so stupid or atleast act like so. I mean. Can’t they say that their agents are always trying to get them to change their clubs so that they can make off some good money from the transfer deals.

It is probably why agents are the happiestpeopleof them all when a team wins a treble. All of the player’s market share gets boosted which means that the agents can have lots of options for the player for a possible transfer.

Sole reason why Robinho left Real Madrid. I think, the media reporting that Robinho did not like the fact that he was being used for the transfer of Ronaldo was just the cover story. I am not saying he did not say that but what I am saying is that, I think Robinho was forced to think like that.

Who forced him? Of course his agent.

Anyway, hope this transfer saga comes to an end. Mourinho revolution as truly begin at Real Madrid from the looks of it. The players are being put through intense training sessions. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Real Madrid’s preseason is surely something I am looking forward to.