Source: SdotCruz from flickr

Reports are going crazy these days (when do they ever make sense anyway?). Two days ago, almost all the reports said that Mourinho has given up Maicon and is now looking at alternatives.

Now it has emerged that Maicon has finally decided to lower his wage demands so that he can move to Real Madrid. Along with that, Inter Milan have also lowered their asking price for Maicon (his agent also did not get the deal that he wanted, which is why I think the transfer was being delayed, it is still not done yet though, but I think, it was because of his agent, all the time).

Maicon won the Champions League with Inter last season, along with the Serie A and Italian cup double. Mourinho’s treble winning side Inter Milan,canthank the efforts of Sniejder (former Real Madrid) and Maicon for this achievement and now Maicon (according to MOST of the reports) should be playing for Real Madrid next season.

Just two days back, Maicon’s agent said that Real Madrid’s behavior was not acceptable. In what respect?

Just because Real Madrid were not willing to pay up the hefty price that his agent was asking for himself from the transfer