Madrid.Ithinkthat.Ihopeitdoes not materialize.

Same is the case with Kaka. Chelsea want him and Real Madrid want Chelsea’s Ashley Cole and Ricardo Carvalho. A deal can be sensed there too. All depends on Real Madrid I guess and Mourinho. There is no way Chelsea or Manchester United would decline the offer of Kaka for anything. There could be some player exchange and cash deal. Anything can happen.

One thing is for sure, we have not seen the best of Kaka at Real Madrid. I am almost 100 percent sure that we will see the best of Kaka (given he does not get injured) next season and I won’t through in their the good old SAFE words, like, if Kaka works hard or makes an effort or concentrates hard enough. I think if Kaka plays, there is no way he will not perform (again, given he is fit).

Two new signings, Angel Di Maria and Khedira have also come out and have said that they want to succeed at Real Madrid and will trytheirbest. Not uncommon for new comers though. Only time will tell (Boy, I love that phrase or whatever).

Khedira also thinks that Real Madrid should aim for Champions League next season (who does not think that!!!) and he also thinks he would be a perfect match for Xabi Alonso in the center of the midfield. For some reason he thinks he can strike a great partnership with Alonso. Hope he does well though I would have signed him if I was Mourinho. Don’t know what Mourinho was thinking.

Angel Di Maria has also stated his side of the story. He feels, he is ready for the big stage that is Real Madrid and he really wants to win some titles next season (oo, the optimistic talk of pre-season, I just love this). He also knows what he can give to the team and that is speed.

Maria who is just 22, can give lots of speed on the wings. Something which Mourinho has always relied on as he loves to use fast wingers (may be that is why Drenthe has not been sold, yet).

Back to Benzema. I just thought I would convey his message through this blog and thats, he hopes he can score a lot of goals next season for Real Madrid. Sure, who would not love that for him. Only one problem and that is Higuain.

He was the sole reason why Benzema could not get enough playing time last season. Nobody expected Higuain to perform at such a high level. He impressed everybody at the World Cup with his super performances which means, he still has not got off his hot streak. Yet.

That is where Mourinho’s man management skills will definitely be tested. He has two world class strikers. Young strikers with huge ambitions. Competing for one place. He also has 2 or 3 world class defensive midfielder, competing for a single spot on the first team. I hope Mourinho does not mess this up though I myself do not know which one would I play if I was in Mourinho’s shoes.