Source: Jan Solo from Flickr

Ok. Let me be very honest. I respect Mourinho, a lot. But if reports are to be believed then Jose Mourinho is about to commit a serious mistake. He wants to sell off kaka. Now, I know that kaka had a bad season last season because of injuries and what not, but that does not suffice for him to be sold.

Kaka is a world class player. He has a good attitude towards the game. Mourinho will enjoy training such a player who does cause unrest in the dressing room. Any player as good as kaka and with his humbleness would be a blessing for any dressing room, let alone Real Madrid.

Apparently, Mourinho wants to sign even younger players. Ozil is next on the list. He is another German who impressed a lot of people at the World Cup 2010. Before the world cup, I don’t know many people who would have signed him for Real Madrid though I did take a notice of him, in FIFA 10. haha.

Hye but that game is not as kiddish as most people think it is. It takes a lot of practice and some hard work to figure out a good squad in FIFA 10’s manager mode. I know for many people that is a piece of cake too but not for me. Playing with West Ham United alone is bad enough for me in the manager mode.

Back to real football now. Apart from Kaka there has been little hint as to who else Mourinho wants to get rid off. I think one of Lass, Diarra and Gago is going to have to leave but seriously, I would hate Mourinho if he sells Kaka. I love Kaka. I want him to retire at Real Madrid simply because of the reason that he is a great sportsman. He works hard and never considers himself a big name player.

Ronaldo, who could have easily been the greatest player of all time (he is still up there with the best) had it not been for his attitude towards thegame.His disrespect for the game. He let loose. He gained weight and did not make any effort to improve once he got his 3rd FIFA player of the year award. He could have done so much more had he been gifted with Kaka’s attitude and humility.

But you cannot have all the qualities. Either you have the skill of Ronaldo or you have Kaka’s attitude (not that he does not have any skill) or you can have both in Messi. HAHA.

Anyway, I was really relieved to see that Benzema still feels a part of Real Madrid and is willing to fight for his place in this Real Madrid squad for the next season. Reports did say that he is not wanted by Mourinho ( I hope that is wrong too as Benzema is a fantastic talent) and Manchester United are prepared to pay big for him.

Considering Real Madrid also need a left back and Manchester United’s Evra wants to leave Old Trafford, I still think, that we have seen the last of Benzema at Real