perfect player for a team which plays on the counter attack. Khedira can help out the defense and the offence almost simultaneously. Because of his stamina, he can break up opponents counter attack fairly quickly because he can run and track back alot.

Mourinho’s teams are known to play counter attack football and Khedira may be the final piece of the puzzle which Mourinho sees would bring trophies to Real Madrid.

Khedira can expect to play with somethebiggest stars in the world. He is not used to that. At stuggart , he was the main man in their team but here at Real Madrid, I imagine him warming the benches for quite a while. We have Diarra, Lass, Gago and Canoles for his position.

So it is going to be a tough season for him at Real Madrid, something which he used have considered when signing up for Real Madrid.

He is not a goal scorer and neither he should be. What I mean to convey is that, he is not a Steven Gerrard. He won’t be expected to score goals. He has scored 14 times for Stuggart in the 94 games he played for them. Other than that, I don’t think he is a attacking threat.

Hope he can prove that he is Real Madrid material, in the 5 or so, seasons he would be at Real Madrid (hopefully), though many analysts think that one of the players Real Madrid will loan out next season would Khedira, for some reasons which they see as rational. I say, only time will tell. ONLY time will tell.