Source: thomas Duchnicki on Flickr

Real Madrid’s latest signing. The 23 year old German. His previous club was Stuttgart but now he is at Real Madrid, probably the biggest club in the world. While I know alot of people are skeptical about his role at Real Madrid, whether it will be good for the club or not.

Whether Khedira would be able to develop himself as a player at Real Madrid (Real Madrid is not considered to be the best place for young players as they rarely get a chance to play as a first team choice).

Anyway, only time will tell whether Khedira will be able to perform at the level many people expect him to, or atleast at the level Mourinho expects him too.

Because, before the World Cup 2010, very few people thought that a player of Khedira’s talents or exposure would get a consideration from a club such as Real Madrid. Normally, Real Madrid go for players with huge reputationsorat least huge potentials.

And as anyone would tell you. Khedira is anything but world class when it comes to technique or touch on the ball. His strengths are:

  • Physical Strength
  • Heading
  • Stamina
  • Positioning
  • Speed
  • Vision
  • Sense of the game
  • Strong on the ball
  • Fearless

His tackling technique is nothing to talk about. He is not a claude Makalele by any means. He is though powerful figure who can easily intimidate other players with his giant stature.