by trickery. He can do step overs and he knows how to nudge the ball quickly to change its direction (like Messi, Messi obviously does it better than anyone else) to beat defenders. Robben can only do the dribbling part, you do not normally find robben doing step overs or 360’s some which comes naturally to Robinho , him being a Brazilian.

  • Robinho can play with both his feet. He can shoot with his left foot and with the right foot. He can dribble with his left foot pretty well. Robben rarely touchesthe ballwith his right foot let alone doing something with it and I have seen situation where Robben could have scored important goals had he been more productive with his wrong foot. It is pretty worthless but his left foot more than makes up for it.
  • Robinho Is more prolific at scoring goals between the two. Robben is not exactly a goal scorer, he is more of a dribbler and then pass it someone else TYPE of player. Robinho can score goals, he can make goals. He can do a lot of stuff but most importantly he can score goals and as Pele said it, the most difficult thing to do in football is to score a goal.
  • Robinho has scored 122 goals in 348 games while Robben has scored 83 goals in 320 games. So unless Robben scores an average of 2 goals per game for the next 20 games, Robinho leads the head to head record.
  • Overall, Robinho is a more complete player than Robben but then again same can be said about Ronaldo when we compare him to Messi but we all know that Messi is probably the better as he may only do a thing or two on the football field but he does them so beautifully, it is so hard to believe.