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Two of the most entertaining players around. Robinho who incredibly still is at Manchester City and Robben who now plays for Bayern Munich.

Both were at one stage at Real Madrid. I don’t think they ever played with each other at Real Madrid. Robinho got tired of Real Madrid wanting to exchange him for Ronaldo and Robben saw his fate sealed at Real Madrid when Real Madrid bought Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Both are terrific players if you like to see players in your team who can take defenders one on one and actually beat them. Not just do stupid tricks and get bogged down on the flanks, cramped for space.

In fact, while Robinho and Robben are not comparable to Messi and Ronaldo when it comes to overall skills but I think if you just compare the quality of beating defenders and taking them on, then Robinho and Robben are right up there with Ronaldo and Messi.

Althoughboth ofthem are roughly of the same age. Robinho is 26 and Robben is 26 too. In fact, Robben is 2 days older than Robinho.

Before we look into their differences and who actually is better, lets just have a look at what do these two super wingers have in common:

  • Both have similar physiques.
  • Both are light on their feet but are not strong on the ball.
  • Both do not like to track back and help the defenders out.
  • Both do not work hard when they loose possession.
  • Both have big attitude problems.

3 Reasons why Robinho is better than Robben:

  1. Robinhocanbeatdefenderseitherbydribblingor