that. May be he think Gerrard finally would want to win something big with a big club now that he is moving towards the end of his career. That is certainly not going to happen at Liverpool. Alteast not this year as they failed to qualify for the Champions League last season.

Liverpool are already having difficulties in holding onto Machenrano and Torres. They are likely to leave this summer and that just might put Gerrard over his tolerance zone. With a squad as shitasLiverpool’s (without Torres and Macherano) Gerrard might as well jump the ship and join Real Madrid, where there is no shortage of World Class and famous players.

I would have really liked Real Madrid to sign back Beckham, just a thought that came across my mind when I thought about Real Madrid’s superstar squad. Beckham to raise the profile of this squad even further and to be honest, his passing ability is still the best in the world.

In other news, Guti is all set to announce his departure from Real Madrid. Boy am I glad to hear that. Finally, Guti is leaving. For real. Even though Guti rose to the first team from junior ranks at Real Madrid, but that does not make him untouchable. He lost his motivation and hunger for success a long time ago in my opinion.

I think, it was the season 2004-2005 when we saw the peak of Guti. After that, it has all been downhill for him but he deserves it. So no need to feel sad or feel sympathetic towards him. Hope he gets humiliated at Besiktas too.