as Real Madrid did not win anything, but Pelligrini did win something. He won the attention of many clubs and national sides. Increased his job opportunities a lot.

Pelligrini left Real Madrid and another man who is almost certain to leave Real Madrid, is Real Madrid’s legend Raul. Raul, is the leading scorer for Real Madrid and I think he is not far behind (if not passed everyone already) in setting a record for the number of appearances as well for Real Madrid.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do at Real Madrid that can guarantee you a future at this club. Raul is close to joiningtheGerman Club Shalke. All I can say is that, I wanted him to stay but on the condition that he should not have beeen given first team football.

He would have done well as a sub. He always works hard.I think Mourinho could have made Something out of him in the Champions League matches where his experience would have counted a lot.

Anyway, now about someone who does not have that much experience at any level of football and that is Lassana Diarra. Is a wonderful defensive midfielder. He is young. He was clearly our best player last season when it comes to defending and keeping it organised at the back but for some reason (again) he is being touted to leave Real Madrid.

Thankfully, Diarra has had a talk with Mourinho. Diarra now wants to fight for his place at Real Madrid. He wants to stay at Real Madrid and quote “I want to show that I can play for Real Madrid”. That looks to me like a committed player. I would not want him to leave at any cost. Sell Gago if you want to, though he is also a super talent.

There was just no need of buying Xabi Alonso I think. We had enough midfielders already. Anyway, hope Mourinho can make something out of our midfield squad which is field with extra and unwanted players.