This post is going to be a bit local if you like. All about Real Madrid. First news about Real Madrid is not so much about Real Madrid. It is about Pelligrini.

No matter how good or bad he was at Real Madrid and no matter how unfair or fair he thought Real Madrid treated him, one thing is for sure that coaching Real Madrid has raised Pelligrini’s profile a heck a lot. If he had coached some side like Arsenal or Manchester City then surely he would not received this much media attention (not saying it is a lot).

For someone who has not been working with any club at all and neither is a Jose Mourinho type of guy (who handles the media so well) this is a lot of media. Pelligrini has been tipped to manage many club teams and national teams. Mexico is the latest team to be linked with Pelli.

Though, both Pelligrini and Mexico people say that there has been no contact and nothing is concrete (might as well put the word yet in there). Pelligrini won Real Madrid about 96 points in his first season (and his only season, but that should not come as a surprise ) as a manager at Real Madrid but still that was not enough for Pelligrini to keep his job.

I think, partly the reason was that Perez wanted a high profile manager as well. He knewthatthis was the only time Mourinho was going to be available as he had won everything with Inter Milan. If Real Madrid had not signed him this year then he would have probably signed for Manchester United after leaving Inter Milan some years into the future.

And we all know how much love Mourinho has for Manchester United. He would have never left Manchester United (unless they kicked him out) and Real Madrid would never have got their hands on, probably the world’s best club manager.

Anyway, Pelligrini must be thanking himself for managing Real Madrid regardless of what happened to him here. So I think, allinall,hegotthebetterdeal