any other great player would and he would be itching to go out on the field and perform for Real Madrid. Next season could be a good one for Real Madrid even though we have not gone on another overhauling of the existing squad but then again, how can you possibly improve on this squad, especially in the attacking area.

It all comes down to the manager now. As has always been the case with Real Madrid, there has never been shortage of world class talent at the Bernabeu. It is just that managers have not been given enough time and opportunities to form a good team and win titles.

Hopefully that will endnextseason with Jose Mourinho leading the Madrid Galacticos. Kaka is a part of that Galacticos and I would not swap him for anyone except Messi. Because I know that Kaka is not like Ronaldo. He will always keep on trying and will give his best in order to satisfy his fans and himself.

He won’t just jump the ship at Real Madrid. Ibrahimovic is the total opposite of what Kaka is. Zlatan is arrogant and rarely fights for his team if his team trails in a match. He just likes to go with the flow and sometimes that does not work. Sometimes you just have to grind it out. Work hard and get stuck in there, winning loose balls and making some extra effort in avoiding your marker.

Anyway. In other news, Real Madrid have still got a lot of things to sort out in bringing Maicon to the Bernabeu. Apparently, Maicon’s agent think that Real Madrid should value his client as much as Kaka or Ronaldo because Maicon is a born Champion and thus Real Madrid should be bold enough to pay over the odds for Maicon just like they did for Ronaldo and Kaka.

I don’t know about that but what I do know is that Maicon is not worth 30 odd million. He is a brilliant player but remember, he is a defender. So we cannot expect him to win us the Champions League or can we? Enough said.