The transfer season rarely ends without us hearing a crazy story about Real Madrid and this transfer season has been no different. A report claiming that Real Madrid and Barcelona are in advance talks to swap kaka and Zlatan.

When I heard of this, I was not shocked. Why?

Because this is Real Madrid. Real Madrid can do anything. Anything. Anything means anything, from buying Ronaldo for 90 million to selling Sneijder and Robben for half the price a season later. That is Real Madrid for you.

Thankfully, Zlatan’s agent has denied any contact with Real Madrid about any possible swap deal. By the way, if this deal does go through (I am still not aborting the notion of Kaka playing for Barcelona, even though I know it is impossible) then Real Madrid would have really done the worst deal of the century in my opinion.

Zlatan is no where near as good, as flashy or as effective as Kaka. All Zlatan can do is do some crazy stunt like finishes which can be done in several simpler ways and that is what makes him a hit amongst most people. I don’t like him. I generally don’t like players who don’t like to work hard.

Ronaldo being an exception (The Brazillian one) but he had skill no one has ever had before him or even after him, so he can be safely considered to be an exceptiontothis rule. I don’t understand the media. Kaka has performed as well as he could have in the previous season.

He was injured and it is difficult for players to adapt to La Liga’s different type of football. The defenders here are a bit more intelligent so to say, then EPL or Serie A defenders and thus it is not easy to trick them or dribble past them.

Kaka did show some of his old self last season but most people argue that, those glimpses were not equal to the 60 million we payed for Kaka. I agree, but I also think that Kaka should be given atleast one more reason before being judged like that.

I do have this feeling thatKakaalsofeelsthesamepressureas