harm if Real Madrid does sign him and don’t play him for the whole of next season. But the problem seems to be his wage demands. 7 million euros a year is a lot of a player of his caliber considering Kaka makes about 9 million euros a season at Real Madrid and that too after winning multiple honors at the International level.

But who do we really need? Do we need a midfielder? where Real Madrid is already stocked full with a host of unwanted players all potentially better than any player Real Madrid are currently trying to sign or do we need a defender or defenders (on both flanks, right and left) where Real Madrid have been foundwantingin all big games.

Patrice Evra is another want away player that is being linked with Real Madrid. Evra has apparently put his house in England up for sale which indicates that he is keen on moving abroad. 19 million for a player who is arguably the best left back in the world is not much.

With Patrice Evra’s pace Real Madrid would ensure that no attacking player in the world strips Real Madrid down from the left flank. Marcelo, who I think tried his best, was the weak link in Real Madrid’s defense last season. Real Madrid’s defense generally failed in most of the games and had is not been for the quality of our attacking players such as Ronaldo and Kaka, I don’t know where Real Madrid would have ended up in the League Table (Real Madrid finished 2nd last season to Barcelona who won comfortably in the last match of the season to win the La Liga title, score was 4-0).

Anyway, transfer season continues to pass away and Real Madrid have yet to address the most serious issue in our defensive department and that is a right back or a left back or both. What do you think? Should Real Madrid sign a right back? or a left back? or both. Currently, Real Madrid are in advanced talks with several players for both positions but are closest to signing a midfielder who wage demands are holding up the deal.