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At the start of the transfer season it was all but obvious that Real Madrid people were going to sign a world class defender first and foremost but what has Real Madrid achieved so far?. Real Madrid have an absolute belter of a squad, with the exception being at defensive positions that is one thing everyone should be aware of.

Yet again, even with Mourinho, Real Madrid continue to buy players that make from little to no sense at all and to be honest, if it was not for Mourinho then all of Real Madrid signings have been mediocre at best this transfer season.

We still have not signed a defenders and continue to buy mid fielders and wingers, which we have plenty in the squad already. Real Madrid need a right back (if we want to play Sergio Ramos in the center) and a left back (left back for sure, no world class player there).

It is as simple as that but for some reason Real Madrid still have not been able to make any grounds in that respect. Reports say that Real Madrid have given Inter Milan an ultimatum over Maicon, 22 million is what Real Madrid is offering for the 29 year old Maicon but that still falls about 10 million short of Inter’s asking price.

Nevertheless, for some oddreasonReal Madrid are still prepared to wait it out for another week before pursuing other targets for the same position. Mourinho has said that none of the alternatives he has in mind are supposed to be back up players if they eventually get signed, signalling to Inter Milan that he can make a great side without the help of Maicon.

Real Madrid also are in talks for Stuggart player Khedira. He performed well at the World Cup that we all know but does he have enough quality and consistency to wear a Real Madrid shirt. I don’t know but what I have read is that he is priced at 10 million or so.

That is cheap even for a player of Khedira’s quality.Soitwouldnotdotoomuch