Drenthe play really well as a pure winger when he is not asked to play as a wing back? I mean if you think about it. Mourinho has signed 2 wingers out of 3 signings Real Madrid have made this season. Why doesn’t he have any confidence in Drenthe.

I think Drenthe really played well last season in the few opportunities he was given by Pelligrini to play as a winger and in some of the games was our best player, I think it was the Lyon game in the Champions League where Drenthe showcased some of the talentthathe has been unable to utilize or tap into till now at Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, the situation with Guti still has not been solved and it seems that Besiktas is the side he is most likely to join. Mourinho has given Raul and Guti some extra time off to think about their futures at Real Madrid. I would love to see them both go. They are too old and we have lots of talent coming up the ranks at Real Madrid.

Right now, I do not think Real Madrid need further strengthening in the attacking third or even the midfield, I think the weakest point in the current squad is the defense. No points for that as everybody knows that. May be not. Mourinho would be the first person to identify a fault in that area, so if he has not taken any action till now on improving Real Madrid’s defensive squad then I think we are good.

May be it was never the fault of the players playing at the back line of Real Madrid, may be it was always the strategy the coaches used with Real Madrid sides which left our defensive players wide open and vulnerable to constant attacks throughout the game.