Not even a week into his job and Jose Mourinho is already making some big changes in the Real Madrid setup. I read somewhere about him laying down some ground rules for all the players to follow. Those who fail to comply will be expelled from the first time for an unspecified time period.

Mostly, the rules come down to the same thing, that is, all the players should be punctual. Everybody should arrive on time and should leave on time (the report did not specify the leaving time, I am just making that one up).

It has been generally known that Mourinho likes to work on the tactical side of football more than anything else and so it has proved from the first few training sessions that he has had with Real Madrid.

Apparently, he has involved the Real Madrid players ( ten or so) into rigorous ball exercises with not so much focus on pure stamina exercises. Like running and gym. He has done some specific exercises with the players, with the ball. Generally, Mourinho was happy with the current level of the players but ofcourse these are players who have not been to the WorldCupso, they must be really fresh and motivated to impress the new coach.

I think the first few training session with Real Madrid has given Jose Mourinho some idea or where the team needs further strengthening and that is why I think Real Madrid are prepared to offer Drenthe in the deal to sign Khadira from Stuggart.

Stuggart apparently also want to add a left sided winger to their squad this summer and Drenthe is the perfect option as he can test this player and if he performs then buy him otherwise kick him back to the place he camefrom,RealMadrid.