World Cup is Over. Spain are the champions. They beat Holland by a single goal. The match was literally littered with fouls and stoppages. In the end Spain played a CAPELLO game and just tried to find a way to win rather than play some their more more traditional flamboyant and more expansive style of play.

Nevertheless, 3 Real Madrid players were crowned Champions of the World on Sunday night but disappointingly, 7 Barcelona players also got to share the honor. Casillas was the star man for me no matter how many people credit Spain’s victory to Iniesta nad Xavi.

I think Casillas made some quite remarkable saves which kept Spain alive throughout the campaign. Anyway, enough about the World Cup and Spain, let come to Real Madrid where Jose Mourinho arrived just one day after the World Cup finals and has already begun his work.

He has told Raul that he is no longer a part of his plans (same fate for Guti as well) as he does not see Raul playing in the starting eleven anymore for Real Madrid. However, he has also told Raul that he can play a role similar to the one Marco Materazzi played in the Inter Dressing room as a cool head, under Mourinho.

Raul apparently does not like the idea of just motivating players and not doing anything himself on the pitch andhastherefore has spent a week in the United states to relax and also negotiate with a couple of American football clubs for a possible transfer.

LA Galaxy seem to be interested in his services where he can possibly link up with David Beckham, his former Real Madrid teammate. One other news that caught my eye was Ronaldinho’s move to Flamengo seems imminent as he has told AC Milan that he wants to move to Brazil to play the last couple of years of his career.

Sad to see a player of Ronaldinho’s caliber ending his career (as in European club career) the way he is. I still think that if he keeps himself fit enough, he can playforanyclubintheworldand