Source: Jan Solo from Flickr

Well, the answer to the latter part of the question is Pedro Leon. Apparently, he will soon become Real Madrid’s third signing of the season after Di Maria and Sergio Canales and if we believe Mourinho who said at his introductory press conference that he would only sign 2 or 3 players this summer then Pedro Leon will be also Real Madrid’s last signing of the summer.

Not saying Real Madrid need any but there are a ton of players that are still being linked to Real Madrid. From Bayern Munich’s Muller who performed wonderfully well at the World Cup at such a young stage to Ashley Cole who seem to have had it with life in England, everybody is being linked with Real Madrid.

My only concern is that, if Pedro Leon is the last signing for Real Madrid this summer then what are we going to do about Real Madrid’s biggest weakness, ie defense. We definitely need new players in that position. Ashley cole is being linked to Real Madrid for 30 million or so but my question is that, if Real Madrid can afford to pay 30 million for Cole then there should be nothing wrong in spending 35 million on Maicon, who is clearly the best wing back in the world rightnow.

Casillascertainly believes that Cole will come to Real Madrid as he knows that Mourinho wins titles and that he should seriously consider this as the last big contract he would sign in his career with a big club, so what better than to sign for Real Madrid under Jose Mourinho, guaranteed success according to Casillas.

The Raul saga has taken another twist. Now, reports say that Raul is more interested in playing for Manchester United or Blackburn in the English Premier league rather than to end his elite football club career by making a move in the MLS like Thierry Henry (Barcelona) has done by joining New York Red BullsjusthoursafterPepGuardiolasignedhis