Well well. The World Cup 2010 has not even gotten past the semi finals stage and Real Madrid have already started to notice the bright players that have been performing well at the game’s biggest stage.

Germany is a side that has surprised a lot of us (along with Holland but wait? If I can remember correctly, Real Madrid already bought their two most important players in the form of Robben and Sneijder. Sold them a season later for half the price. They both got to the Champions League final and both are now in the semi finals of the world cup) by knocking out Argentina and England. Not only knocking them out, humiliating them in the process.

I just loved the look on Messi’s face when he stood to restart the game with Argentina on 0-4 down against Germany. May this be his fate with Barcelona too so he leaves the Catalan side and joins Inter or AC Milan and then like Ronaldo (Brazillian one) comes back to La Liga only to play for Real Madrid instead of Barcelona.

That would be awesome. Anyway,coming back to Germany. Their two main players who have caught the eye of many around the football world Oezil and Muller. Both have impressed Florentino Perez a lot and he wants to bring them to the Bernabeu. Surely no problems there.

But hye. Now we have Mourinho instead of Pelligrini, who is just not going to remain shut up like a deaf and dumb donkey and allow any player to enter his squad without his approval. Mourinho has hintedthathe prefers Bastian Scheweinstigeer (or whatever his name is), the 26 year old.

Oezil and Muller are 20 and 21 I think, so this means Perez is thinking long term but Mourinho is not interested in long term. He just wants to win the treble with Real Madrid as soon as possible so that he can move on to Manchester United. Such a mercenary.

Bastian, Mourinho thinks would complete his midfield which currently lacks a true box to box midfielder like Steven Gerrard. Although I think Diarra can play that role if he finds his rhythm and form next season but the idea of Bastian playing for Real Madrid is not a bad one to imagine.

The only problem is his price tag. No way, Bayern Munich is going to sell himforanythinglessthan50million.Which