Portugal got knocked out of the World Cup. Spain beat them in the round of 16 1-0 thanks to a, I would say rather scrappy, goal from David Villa (Barcelona attacker) but looking back at that match. I think, Portugal did not play the way they were supposed to play and neither played to their strengths.

They mainly tried to play it to a 0-0, may be extra time and then penalties which for me, sucked. Due to this strategy, it was all Spain the whole of the match but what do I care, it is not as if Real Madrid is playing in the World Cup (I am rooting for Brazil by the way).

So world cup over for Ronaldo now, he will have probably 2 or 3 more chances to win it, however I don’t think he will as Portugal have only one player than can handle big teams and thats Ronaldo. Yes, he has been a flop at this world cup according to the standards he has set for himself.

But, remember, Messi has not scored a goal either. Infact, Ronaldo could have scored two of the best goals of the tournament had it not been for the goal post. His strikes against Ivory Coast in the firs match and against Korea in Portugal’s last group game were a thing of wonders andhadthey got in, people would be still talking about how Ronaldo fought to keep Portugal alive but could not succeed.

Anyway, he spat at the cameraman but I don’t think I would have done something different. I mean, come on. They guy has lost the World Cup 10 seconds ago and you are jumping on him with a gun like camera, zooming into his face, it’s just irritating to say the least.

Mourinho though has defended Ronaldo by saying that not all the blame should go to Ronaldo and I agree with him and his philosophy. Mourinho’s philosophy is the only way a club or a teamcanwintrophiesandthatis,when