Alvesis rude and is basically a punk. He has got no manners what so ever and I am not saying that I would hate him to see in a Real Madrid shirt. He is a superb defender, no question about it. I just do not like his attitude, especially towards Real Madrid, which can be understood.

Meanwhile, Raul is all but set to leave Real Madrid. Schuster is one of the guys who wants him in TurkeybutI think Schuster should know better, there is no chance in hell Raul is taking such a step. He would want to end his career on a high and Turkey is not the place where he can do that.

Though, it has to be said, the presence of Roberto Carlos in the Turkish League may entice Raul to ply his trade over there. Roberto Carlos plays for Fenerbache, but Schuster coaches Besiktas and so Raul is going to have to make a choice, either to join Schuster or Roberto Carlos, of course assuming he does decide to go to Turkey, something which I highly doubt.

To round off. Hats off to my boy Higuain for scoring 3 less than fantastic goals but at crucial moments. He really showed his composure in those 3 goals something which I always scrutinized him for.