Maicon’s transfer to Real Madrid, reportedly, is also getting to a point of realization. Inter Milan have basically said that they are willing to let the player (Maicon) go if they get a ‘Madrid style’ offer. What does that mean?

Probably it means that they want double the amount of money the player is actually worth and that is exactly what they are doing in this deal. Maicon is 28, but according to some people at Inter he is apparently 30, what they also say is that his career is coming to an end.

So it would be better if he is sold to Real Madrid for 40 odd million. Hmm. Sounds funny?

You but. Are the Inter people dumb or something for thinking Real Madrid would pay that amount of money for someone who is ending his career. Well, let me tell you, Real Madridpeopleare that dumb but the thing is that Maicon’s career is not ending.

He probably has a good 4 or 5 years to give wherever he plays. Oh yeah, forgot, Inter also say that he is better than Daniel Alves, something which I agree to the fullest. He is better than Daniel Alves. One reason that I would like to believe is that he is not as big headed as Daniel Alves is.