Carlos Puyol, a Barcelona player (just to be clear) has told the media that the only person who can take his place at Barcelona is none other than Real Madrid’s very own Sergio Ramos. Wonder why would he say that? Don’t think Real Madrid are as dumb as Barcelona to let go of their star player at such a young age.

Barcelona let go of their star player a decade ago when Inter Milan signed Ronaldo from Barcelona. In a single season at Barcelona, Ronaldo scored like 50 goals and still got transferred that is hilarious to say the least. Real Madrid, unfortunately do not make those kind of mistakes.

If a player performs well, we usually keep him. Or do we. I think I am going to have to go through all the transfers which Real Madrid have done in the past 10 years to check this fact. Sneijder comes to mind but he did not give a stellar performance in his last season at the Bernabeu so Real Madrid sold him, not say Real Madrid did right.

In the end Carlos Puyol admitted himself that it is unlikely that Real Madrid would sell Sergio Ramos to Barcelona because he thinks Real Madrid are not that stupid. We are not stupid at all, though we do make a lot of mistakes and don’t learn from them either, if that is what you call stupid then yes.

Real Madrid is stupid and while I write this down I am beginning to imagine (fearfully) a situation where Real Madrid strike a deal with Barcelona to exchange Sergio Ramos plus some cash withLionelMessi such is the lust Florentino Perez has for offensive players.

Carlos Puyol has also said that though there is no chance of Barcelona signing Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos, he still wants Barcelona to give it a go, if nothing else it would at least hurt the stability of the club which is already not in it’s best shape at the moment.

And how can we not round up the news with Real Madrid’s transfer targets. Now the top of the lists are Vidic and Maicon. Apparently, Real Madrid are not willing to pay the high fee that Inter Milan want for Maicon. Nice to see Real Madrid showing some brains and at least question the price tag of a player.

Normally, clubs want double the amount of money for their playerfromRealMadridthanfromanyother