He is good in one on one situations something which is also not very common in wing backs.

  • Sergio Ramos I feel though can perform really well as a center back but I feel does have the temperament of a center back who is required to be patient and comfortable with the fact that he cannot win every ball. Sergio Ramos tries to win every ball which leads to him committing stupid fouls, often gets him sent off. Now that is a little acceptable if he isaright back, that is, fouls and the subsequent free kicks would be further away from the goal but if he does that as a center back then Real Madrid can prepare themselves for a barrage of direct free kick goals.
  • Sergio Ramos tackling ability is good but not perfect, he goes into a challenge way too quickly and because he likes to attack a lot, he sometimes gets caught off guard. Has a habit of making wayward passes which as a center back can be really damaging, as a right back, there is room to recover.

    So this is why I think he should play as a right back and Real Madrid can spend some money on a quality center back. Subotic is another tall defender that comes to mind. Chelsea outcast Alex in my opinion can be a good buy as well. Vidic, is also a possibility.

    Anyway, what do you guys think, should Real Madrid by a center back or a right back? Which one is needed? We should not really disturb the mentality Sergio Ramos has playing as a right back.