good effect every time his goal comes any danger but I think Casillas is better than anyone in one on one situations.

He has made some magical saves in one on ones. One I remember was in the El Clasico where is saved a ripper of a shot from Eto’o, the rebound was in the path of Messi to shoot it in the open goal but Casillas got up in a flash to save that as well.

Two shots saved in a matter of seconds.

Air Balls:

Everyone knows this one. Buffon. He is clearly more comfortable controlling the air balls. There is something assuring about him whenver opponentstakecorners. Casillas, does not have that same presence which is his weakness. One other factor could be Real Madrid’s poor set piece defensive skills, but Casillas does make some errors while handling air balls.

Does not look as natural as he is while stopping ground shots. Buffon, commands the air with his tall built and big hands. Uses them to good effect and thus makes sure that Juventus do not loose a game with a sucker punch of a goal, something which Manchester United are famous for giving.

There you go, overall I think I would take Casillas on any given day. As he is much much better at stopping balls which come at goalkeepers fairly regularly during a football match and those are chances made inside the box. Long shots are not common these days.

Buffon’s skills are for very specific situation which may or may not happen in a given match. Like, he knows how to setup a defensive wall. What good is that when the best free kick taker in the other team is Rooney?

Buffon is also good at stopping long shots and corners. Corners do happen a lot in every match but those are mostly cleared by the defenders and not by the goal keepers.

Casillas, is the best. At the moment at least.