Two of the worlds best goal keepers who play for two of the best teams in Europe, though stats would tell you otherwise. Buffon was once considered to be untouchable even when Casillas was playing with Real Madrid’s first team but recently Buffon’s level dropped due to his aging and Casillas has taken over the mantle of being the untouchable when it comes to comparing goalkeepers.

Peter Cech was also considered the best for sometime but since his head injury I think his level has gone down too. Makes far too many bloopers now. Anyway, this is not about Peter Cech, this is about Italy’s Buffon going up against our boy Iker Casillas.


Well, I think Casillas wins this one quite comfortably. Buffon is 32 now and Casillas is 29 but Casillas is hell a lot quicker in his movements then Buffon. Casillas is probably the best mover when it comes to covering the goal.

His reflexes are the fastest. He can rush out real quick. He is just unstoppable unless our defenders just hand opponents the ball to go one on one or may be two on one with Casillas.

Though I have seen Casillas save some ridiculous saves against many great strikers. He is like a goal demon. He is everywhere. Extremely difficult to beat whenyouare inside the box.

I don’t want to repeat but Casillas is worth at least 20 points to Real Madrid per season.


I think I am going to give this one to Buffon. He does not have the mobility of Casillas but he makes up for it in his positioning. Covers the angles really well. Very difficult to beat him by taking long shots. Casillas is a bit vulnerable to long shots.

Casillas has conceded some, rather soft, long shots goals in very important matches. Real Madrid vs AC Milan last season comes to mind when he let a relatively easy save into the goal, shot was taken by Pirlo who is a longshotmaster.