have to be rotated amongst Ronaldo, Higuain, Benzema and Di Maria. So we already have a problem there.

The central 3 positions will have to be rotated amongst the likes of Lass, Diarra, Guti (for now), Van Der Vaart (that too for now), Xabi Alonso, Kaka. All are players who would want to play in the first team except for Guti perhaps. His days are numbered at Real Madrid in my opinion.

We have Gago in there as well. So already is a mess. Signing Gerrard is not going to make any huge difference. For me, if we sign Gerrard then obviously we are going to havetosell at least two from Diarra, Lass, Guti and Van Der Vaart. So Yes there is a problem but it is not big enough to justify passing up the opportunity of signing the best midfielder in the world.

I think if Gerrard is signed then Xabi Alonso will have a restricted role at Real Madrid next season. He does not like to work hard and Mourinho hates these kinds of players or it might as well be true that Real Madrid indeed sell of Kaka to make way for Gerrard which would be just good old Real Madrid kicking into action.

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Buy a player for 65 million and a season later sell him for 20 million or so. Chelsea seem to be interested but I hope that is not the case. There could be a situation similar to Barcelona’s fantastic four of Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Messi and Henry. Barcelona did, sometimes, play with all 4 but we know that did not work out well.

Anyway, I think Mourinho would think of something. Hopefull, he would think of something good for Real Madrid and not for his own hot shot career.

What do you think? Should Real Madrid go for Gerrard, apparently with no place in the team? or is Di Maria’s signing is enough? I am all ears now, looking forward to your opinions.